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Our toy collection

We have more than 1,100 toys in our collection.


Our toys are categorised into 4 developmental age groups:


Baby             (0-1yrs)

Toddler        (1-3yrs)

Preschool   (3-4yrs)

School Age   (5+yrs)

The types of toys we have include:

Baby Toys

Rattles, Balls


First imagination & train sets


Walkers & Exersaucers

​Musical toys

Toy drums,


Toy guitars

Baby skills

Stacking & Posting

Hammering & Chopping

​Animals & Dinosaurs

Safaris, barnyards, circuses

Extra large bugs


Train sets, airports, roller coasters

Trucks & Cars
Play mats with cars or animals

Mums & Dads

Kitchen sets
Shopping trolleys

​Dolls & Prams

Dolls houses

​Dress ups & Role Play
Superheroes, Pirates, cowboys

Disney princesses 

Fairies & ballerinas

Doctor Kits

Construction kits

Blocks & building

Duplo, Lego, Meccano
Wooden blocks

Marble run

​Puzzles & games

Wooden puzzles


Peg boards

Magnetic brain teasers

Board games

​Outdoor Playsets
Shell ball pit
Roller coaster
Little Tikes tree house
Little Tikes activity gym

​Ride ons
Little Tikes Cosy Coupe
Whale seesaw

Rocking horse

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