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Frequently Asked Questions

​1. Are the toys cleaned?


Yes. Before a toy is loaned out, the toy is wiped with a diluted solution of antiseptic or disinfectant. Members are asked to return toys in the same condition in which they are received.

​2. I am having a party, can I reserve a toy?


Yes you can. To reserve a specific toy simply email a request to the Toy Library and our coordinators will confirm availability. Alternatively, you can reserve toys online by logging in to your Toy Library profile here (if you don't know your login details, you can access them here).

​3. We are going on holidays, can I suspend my membership?


Yes, please contact us to arrange a temporary suspension of your membership. 

​4. What happens if a toy breaks or pieces are missing?


There is a cost of $2 for each piece lost or broken from a toy. If a toy is lost or damaged beyond repair, you will be asked to cover the cost of replacement.

Terms and Conditions

Parents should supervise their child’s play.


Bondi Toy Library Inc is not responsible for any damage or injury to any property or person arising from the use of the borrowed toys.




  1. Toys are lent for a maximum period of 2 weeks. However, members may exchange toys more frequently if desired.

  2. All toys have an identification number and a white toy card attached. The toy cards help members check all pieces are returned to the library. Toys must be complete on return or fines may be payable.

  3. If toys are lost, borrowing rights may be suspended until the toy is found or replacement cost is paid.

  4. Members must take care of the Library’s toys. Having said that, normal wear and tear is expected.

  5. Keep toys inside your house or at least under cover. If left outside in all types of weather, toys will be damaged.




  1. Members must wash or wipe toys with a diluted solution of antiseptic or disinfectant. Please be careful not to remove the identification number on the toy.

  2. Please return toys complete and in the condition they were borrowed, in their bag and with the accompanying Toy Library card attached. Puzzles should be returned made up.

  3. Please tell coordinators if there are missing pieces or if toys have been damaged, as they cannot be lent out again unless complete and in good condition.

  4. If your child is suffering from a communicable disease, please do not borrow toys until he/she is well. However, should your child have an infectious disease whilst toys are on loan, please disinfect them and leave in the sun for several days before returning them to the Toy Library and informing the coordinator on duty.

  5. Families who persistently return toys late or in an unacceptable condition may be penalised by a suspension of membership.

  6. Toys should only be returned during Toy Library session hours and not left at Waverley Library. Toys remain the responsibility of the borrower until received by a coordinator. If toys are returned to Waverley Library out of session hours, $2 fees will apply per toy.

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